Contributing to VALJOGen

Contributors and contributions are welcome. Here is a quick guide (DOCUMENT IS WORK IN PROGRESS).

1. Implementation details for the project.

See readme in annotaton processor project for implementation details.

In addition these two 2 eclipse plugins may be useful to update readme pages in GitHub Flavored Markdown (.md):

2. Cloning and change procedure.

Here is a quick guide.

Fork, then clone the repo:

git clone

Make sure ALL the tests pass:

mvn test

Make your change. Add documentation and tests for your change. Make ALL the tests pass:

mvn test

3. Getting your changes accepted.

Push to your fork and submit a pull request. I will then look at your changes
and promote them if I agree. If your work is good and we agree on the overall goal, design and code conventions, then you can also
subsequently become a contributor with push rights.

Finally, agree/sign a Contributor License Agreement.

It might be necessary for you to sign/agree to a contributor License Agreement. I haven’t ironed that out yet - let me know if you
have any ideas at <valjogen(at)41concepts(dot)com>. Otherwise I will find out when necessary.